Amtel Hospital is a modern clinic with a full range of high-quality medical sevices at affordable prices. The clinic has 21 departments (including 7 for children), each is fully equipped with medical facilities and functional furniture. Amtel Hospital has 210 beds, including 65 for children. Medical services are provided by 160 experienced doctors (22 with doctoral degrees). Our staff is a team of true professionals focused on the healthcare of each patient and provision of the comfortable environment for all visitors.

Amtel Hospital develops joint educational program with the Tbilisi State Medical University to broad and improve the skills of the staff.

The clinic also participates in several international programs in Turkey, Ukraine and EU.

Amtel Group acquired 6 separate clinics of the First Clinical Hospital in 2011. The investor fully redeveloped the building, replaced all internal communications, installed fire alarm, CCTV and call buttons. New hi-tech medical technologies were integrated. Amtel Hospital has ISO 9001 certificate since 2017.