The Department of Intensive Care for Adults treats and monitors surgical and therapeutic patients in serious or critical medical state. Both invasive and non-invasive diagnostic measures are carried out using high-tech equipment. The treatment includes monitoring and correction of vital functions: artificial pulmonary ventilation, renal replacement therapy, control and correction of metabolic changes, specific care. The department is fully equipped with all necessary facilities for intensive care.

The Department has 15 beds and 5 post surgery beds.

Head of the Department

Giorgi Dundua



David Egiazarov

Tea Ugrekhelidze

Marina Inasaridze

Lali Totladze

Rostom Kurtanidze

Giorgi Mushkudiani

Shota Gabadadze

Noah Berishvili

Junior doctor

Nino Tserediani

Our doctors

Giorgi Dundua
Head of Intensive Care for Adults

Heads the Department since 2011.

Has 10 years of experience in the resuscitation unit and intensive care. Also works as an anesthesiologist.

2008 - graduated from the Tbilisi State Medical University, M.D.

2011 - internship majoring in Resuscitation and Anesthesiology in the Institute of Postgraduate Education of the Tbilisi State Medical University.

2018 - certified coach.

2008 - 2011 - junior resuscitator at Tbilisi State University clinical hospital.

2010 - 2011 - junior doctor in the Thoracoabdominal Clinic.

2012 - resuscitator at the National Sepsis Center.

2012 - 2015 - resuscitator at the clinic “Traumatologist”.